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Friday, October 14, 2005

Scribe for Wednesday!

Well I am the scribe for Wednesday's class. I'm not to sure exactly what we went over so sorry if I don't explain everything correctly.

On Wednesday we started off the class with the usual questions on the board. But little did we know that the first question would last us almost the entire class.

The first question was something along the lines of: there are five lines that all pass through the point (2,1), find the five equations. Now looking back on it, it doesn't seem as hard as it was at the moment. We struggled struggled and Mr. K started to get worried because it was supposed to be a review. He tried to explain what formula would you use to get the product of 1. It was finally when Ian stated that you had to substitute in the point if you used the slope-intercept form. By then a few of us understood, but many of us were still struggling. We continued to talk about it and Mr. K continued to give examples and I can't speak for everyone but finally a light went of in my head. It finally made sense. I can speak for almost everyone (including Mr. K) that it was frustrating. Once we got it people started to give out answers. Some of the examples that i took down were : y=1, y=-x+3, y=x-1, x=2, y=2x-3, y=3x-5, y=7x-13. Those are to name a few.

The other two questions were pretty general so I won't bother get into detail. After going over the question we were separated into groups and had to answer a question in 15 minutes. Everyone tried to get their thinking caps on and some people understood what to do and were very close while others (like me) didn't have a clue what to do. I don't really remember what the question or answer was. It was a long answer, that's what I remember and that I was very confused.

Well I'm done here I guess since I can't really remember anything else, so the scribe for today's class is km! Goodluck!


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