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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogging For The Test

One particular class I remember is the one when we stood on the tables. That was a bunch of laughs, huh? That class, we learned about the two right angle triangles.

My process in the class is processing. I am beggining to understand more. But I don't seem to remember how to use SOCSOATOA or how to do trigonomtry. That is what I am struck on, the trigonomtry problems.

Learning about parallel and perpendicular lines was "cool". They are so simple. All you have to know is parallel lines, the slope is always the same; perpendicular lines are the negative recipocal (the denominator and numerator are flipped).

I had problem use the different forms. I did not know when and how to use the different forms. I was very glad when Mr. K explain slowly that depending on what information is given how and what form to use. It was a reliefing feeling, I guess.

No offences, but my friend that goes to university says that calculus is not use much in life unless you are an arcitect or doing somethings with computers. And I agree, calculas is not used a lot in life, but it is used a lot the class. Like, in my geography, we had to find points and graph them and in my science class, we also had to find points and graph them.

Well signing off,


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