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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Brittany's Pre-Test Blog

Brittany's computer isn't working so she emailed me her pre-test blog. Here it is...

Well so our test is tomorrow, it's weird but I actaully understood most things in this unit very well. But the whole "test" idea still makes me a wreck. I have a bad case of forgetting somthings when I see the test paper, but thankfully I'm getting over that habit slowely.

One of the only problems I had in this unit was a little one regarding finding point B when given the mdpt and point A, I just could never understand it. Somtimes I understood things really well and no offence mr.k but somtimes I tried not to remember what you were saying because the more explination you put on certain things made it more confusing. But it may have helped other so that was okay. My most memorable class probably had to be the one were we stood on the tables, I think i've only done that once in another class. It was interesting thats for sure.

I think I'll do a lot better on this test then the first one, well hopefully.



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