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Monday, October 10, 2005

So Many Lines!

When we first started doing this unit on graphing and lines. I wasn't all that excited. I don't think many of us were. Graphing is one of the units I don't enjoy doing because I really hate graphing lines, and I just don't like this unit. I really get confused and usually when I actually get what were doing in class, 20 minutes later I guarantee that I have already forgotten what we did and how we got the answer. That's what I predicted that would happen. But to my surprise I'm okay with this graphing unit.

The reason why I kind of like graphing is because of this blogger stuff. It's funny. When we did that whole division with polynomials, I didn't get any of it. And all my answers were thrown off because I didn't understand what we had to do. Two days before the test, I worked on the reviews that Mr. K posted up. After a couple and going step by step on how to get the product I understood what we had to do. That's the same thing with lines. I didn't understand how to get the standard form of things, but after the reviews I understand now. You guys don't know how happy I am. I'm practically in tears (there tears of joy)!

There's only 2 things that's bothering me. Perpendicular lines and remembering which formula to use and when. I don't like perpendicular lines because we deal with fractions. Fractions really bother me. I hope we review in class too. I'm still don't understand some stuff, especially perpendicular lines! Well, that's all I have to say. See you guys in class. And don't forget to blog! Remember that's worth a mark on the test! Haha.



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