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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

*+* =) Bloging the Blog =) *+*

I'm also nervous for the test too t-sa. On the last test we had, i barely past. i'm going to study very soon now. through this unit, i think it has been hard. learning about the slopes comfused me, and when we learned about the perpendicular lines. i knew i was totually lost. im still having a little bit of trouble on perpendicular lines but i think if i study and look back on the notes, and works we did, i think i'll understand it a little bit more. what i dislike most about this unit was, the perpendicular lines and anything that has to do with slopes. what i learned from this unit was learning the formulas. this is because i actually memorize the formulas. also the other thing i enjoy was learning how to find Distance. i remember the distance formulas, mid point, intercept, slope, and all the formulas's we have learned. GOOD-Luck To EVERYONE who needs it for the test tomorrow. [[ i'm going to bring m lucky charm. ]] [[ hope it actually works ]] :(

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