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Friday, October 07, 2005

Dr. Math

After our Muddiest Point exercise in class today I didn't get a chance to answer many of your questions about linear functions. I thought some of you might find answers to your questions in the Dr. Math archives so I've linked to some of them below. Take advantage of Dr. Math whenever you've got a problem or if you don't understand the answer I give you. You can always access it from the [Links] list over there --> in the right hand side bar. ;-)

This is an interesting question and answer:

When two straight lines meet each other perpendicularly, the product of their slopes is -1. However, x and y axes meet at 90 degrees, but the product of their slopes is not -1. Why?

Don't forget to take advantages of ALL the reviews I've already posted to the blog. That is your only homework this weekend. ;-)


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