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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Who am I, iam blogerman

Out of all the units that we did, this unit is the most easy and helpful for me because for a long time now that I didn't do much division and multiplication, this unit refresh my memory about those. At first this unit is kind of hard, I have no idea even how to do 3√20 because the teacher is doing it kind of too fast for me and I ' am a slow learner but now I know how to do it because I got a lot of help from the teachers and friends. Here, i even show you that i know how to do it the answer to 3√20 is = to 6√5 ( I hope is right).
I would have to say that there is one thing Mr. K is wrong about this unit and that is
"Teachers love this because there are many ways to write one number."
"Students hate this because there are many ways to write one number."

The correct thing about this that sentence is "some students hate this because there are many ways to write one number"

Because I love that I can write the same number more then one way because for example 81 = 9^2 = 3^4. now I can trick people using this cool way which I already did and they go "What? how?" and have that look in there face.


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