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Monday, November 07, 2005


Today in class we started to review the 2 questions from the previous day.

√3^2 + 4^2 + 12^2

Mr. K told us about BEDMAS, BEMDAS, PEDMAS, and PEMDAS. <- Means the same thing. He told us to race to the blog to do something simliar to make simliar questions to the ones he gave us. We learned that the conjugate of a sum is a difference.And vice versa, the conjugate of a difference is a sum. Mr. K wrote six questions on the board which we had to rationalize the denominator. Mr. K reviewed us on mulitiplying radicals and we answered 4 questions. We had to notice a pattern, which was the pattern of differences of squares. We learned that contrugate of a sum is the difference. For homework tonight is: EXERCISE 38. OMIT 11, 14, and 16! The scribe for tomorrow is: RUS-L! MUWAHAHAHHA! *evil laugh* (this is what you get for picking me as scribe the first time!)


At 11/07/2005 7:12 PM, Blogger T-SA said...

Typo! Aren't we supposed to OMIT 1-20?

At 11/07/2005 9:12 PM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Uh, that's CONJUGATE, not contrugate. ;-)

"We learned that [the conjugate] of a sum is a difference."

And vice versa, the conjugate of a difference is a sum.


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