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Monday, November 07, 2005

A Radical Prompt

Blogging Prompt
Here's the Blogging Prompt we discussed in class today:

Without using a calculator find the value of:

sq.rt.(32 + 42 + 122)sq.rt.(7 + sq.rt.(4))

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create two radical problems of your own similar to those above. This challenge is open to all takers! However, once a solution is posted you CANNOT use the same solution as your own -- you've got to come up with a new one. In other words, the longer you wait to tackle this, the harder it's going to get.

Write your answers in the comments to this post. You can also use cube roots (cube rt.), fourth roots (4th.rt.) and higher if you wish. Feel free to mix them up too! (i.e. square roots and cube roots, or square roots and fourth roots, etc.) A successful reply to this prompt includes TWO answers; one similar to each of the problems posted. If you have a successful reply you do not need to write a reflective pre-test blog post.

Have Fun!


At 11/07/2005 4:04 PM, Blogger Jan Hong said...

sq. rt.(4^2+9^2+7^2)

sq rt.(6+sq. rt.(14))

At 11/07/2005 4:06 PM, Blogger Jan Hong said...

for the second one is
sq. rt.(6+sq. rt.(14))

sorry forget the dot

At 11/07/2005 4:07 PM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Sorry Jan, try again.

The first one equals sq.rt.(146), which IS NOT a whole number.

In the second one sq.rt.(14) IS NOT a whole number.

At 11/07/2005 4:10 PM, Blogger marianne_c said...



At 11/07/2005 4:16 PM, Blogger Ndrew said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 11/07/2005 4:16 PM, Anonymous Thang said...

a) sq. rt. (5² + 12²0
= 25 + 144
= 169
sq. rt. = 13.

b) sq. rt. (13 + sq. rt. 9)
= 13 + 3
= 16
sq. rt. = 4

At 11/07/2005 4:18 PM, Blogger Ndrew said...

sq.rt. (4^2+12^2+3^2)

At 11/07/2005 4:20 PM, Blogger janet said...

if we made a blogging prompt already, do we still have to do this?

At 11/07/2005 4:21 PM, Blogger Ndrew said...

sq.rt (4 + sq.rt. 25) ?

At 11/07/2005 4:27 PM, Blogger janet said...

cause this is hard lol

At 11/07/2005 4:44 PM, Blogger Jan Hong said...

sq. rt.(20^2+12^2+16^2)

sq. rt.(6+ sq(9))

At 11/07/2005 4:45 PM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

So far NO ONE has earned that blog prompt mark.

Thang - you heard me in class, right?

In order to get that mark you need to have TWO problems, one modeled after each of the ones I presented, that can be solved as whole numbers. SOme of you have one correct but not the other.

If you have already posted your pre-test reflective blog you already have your blogging mark. (i.e. Janet)

At 11/07/2005 4:55 PM, Blogger Ndrew said...

--------- ?

----- ?

At 11/07/2005 4:59 PM, Blogger Jan Hong said...

sq. rt.(12^2+4^2+3^2)

sq. rt.(6+sq. rt.(9))

At 11/07/2005 5:20 PM, Blogger natasha said...

sq.rt.(9^2+4^2+5^2) for the first one

second one sq.rt.(8+sq.rt(64)

At 11/07/2005 5:21 PM, Blogger natasha said...

did i get it mr.k

At 11/07/2005 5:30 PM, Blogger Jor_Dan_0 said...

a) cube.root.( 10sq.+ 3sq.+ 4sq.)

b) sq.rt.(95 + (sq.rt.9)+(sq.rt.4))

I'll change my display, this is Jordan.

At 11/07/2005 5:54 PM, Blogger T-SA said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I forgot about this right after I left class! Now it's too late :(


At 11/07/2005 5:59 PM, Blogger SAMUS said...

sq rt. (12^2+9^2+8^2)
=sq rt. (144+81+64)
=sq rt. (289)

sq rt. (28+ sq rt.(64))
=sq rt. (28+8)
=sq rt. (36)

At 11/07/2005 6:06 PM, Blogger SAMUS said...

tell me if i got the mark mr. k! i dont want to do that reflective thingy, not after i have all this math to do. haha, yeah.

At 11/07/2005 6:12 PM, Blogger Jojo said...

= Sq.Rt(36+9+4)
= Sq.Rt(49)
= 7

= Sq.Rt(6+3)
= Sq.Rt(9)
= 3

At 11/07/2005 6:41 PM, Blogger Ian>>>pba.ph said...

sq. rt(2^2+ 6^2+ 3^2)

second one is

sq. rt(21+ sq rt.(100))

At 11/07/2005 6:56 PM, Blogger Ian>>>pba.ph said...

ill change my first answer to:
cube root (2^3+ 3^3+ 4^3)

At 11/07/2005 7:20 PM, Blogger Kristin_R said...

sq. rt (10 + 3 + 7^2 + 8 + 3^2 + 2)

At 11/07/2005 7:41 PM, Blogger tim-Math-y said...

1.) SQ.RT.(2^2 + 6^2 + 9^2)
= SQ.RT.(4 + 36 + 81)
= SQ.RT.(121)
= 11

2.) SQ.RT.(4 + Sq.Rt.(144))
= SQ.RT.(4 + 12)
= SQ.RT. (16)
= 4


At 11/07/2005 9:08 PM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

SAMUS you got it but your solution to the first one is incorrect, please repost and fix it.

Jojo you also have both right but you second problem was presented earlier by someone else. Repost. Keep your first one; create a new second radical.


This: sq. rt.(12^2 + 4^2 + 3^2)
and this: sq. rt.(12^2 + 3^2 + 4^2)
and this: sq. rt.(4^2 + 12^2 + 3^2)


tim-math-y, yours is perfect! You got the mark.

Again, EVERYONE, please take note:

When you repost your problems repost them BOTH -- don't make me hunt through the earlier posts to verify your work.

You guys are all doing some really good thinking! Don't give up; you CAN do this!!!!!

At 11/07/2005 9:31 PM, Blogger natasha said...

wat did i do wrong?

At 11/07/2005 9:35 PM, Blogger natasha said...


At 11/08/2005 12:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol this is hilarious xD

At 11/08/2005 3:55 PM, Blogger Jor_Dan_0 said...

Mr K did i get mine right ??

At 11/08/2005 4:34 PM, Anonymous Thang said...

b) sq. rt. (36+ sq. rt. 9)
= 6 + 3
= 9
sq. rt. = 3

At 11/08/2005 4:34 PM, Anonymous Thang said...

Mr K, hope you are happy with my questions.

At 11/08/2005 4:49 PM, Blogger SAMUS said...

Yes I did get my answer wrong. I was hopeing that Mr. K wouldn't notice it. What it was supposed to be was,

sq rt. (12^2+9^2+8^2)
=sq rt. (144+81+64)
=sq rt. (289)

And that fixxes the first math problem I did incorrectly. But I did do my second one right =)

At 11/08/2005 5:18 PM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

The people who have got their blog mark for correctly replying to this prompt are:


The rest of you either have both or one of your problems incorrect. The errors are either;

(a) mathematically incorrect or
(b) you didn't create both problems SIMILAR to the ones I posted.

Don't give up! Keep trying. You CAN do this!! ;-)

At 11/08/2005 8:25 PM, Anonymous Thang said...


sq. rt. (36+ sq. rt. 9)
= 6 + 3
= 9
And the sq. rt. of 9 is three.

Maybe that's it. I hope so.

PS. Everyone click on my name, lol.

At 11/08/2005 8:35 PM, Anonymous Thang said...


sq. rt. (5² + 12² )
= 25 + 144
= 169
sq. rt. = 13.

Maybe that's it. I forget the other bracket.

At 11/08/2005 8:56 PM, Anonymous Thang said...


sq. rt. (5² + 12² + 3³)
= 25 + 144 + 27
= 196
sq. rt. = 14.

Hee hee... By jolly, I think I got it.

At 11/08/2005 9:41 PM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Not yet Thang -- use either all squares or all cubes. You can try to find a cube root of a sum of three squares if you like, or something similar to that.

Your other problem and solution is incorrect.

Please go back and READ ALL MY EARLIER COMMENTS on this post.

At 11/09/2005 8:41 PM, Blogger Jojo said...

Redoing the second one...

Sq.Rt(88 + Sq.Rt(144))
Sq.Rt(88 + 12)


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