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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


its the time where we have to make a blog before the test. so tomorrow is the test. is anyone excited!? me? im not even sure. i hope its not to hard as i thought it might be. = . well i hope everyone does good on their project and also on the test.
so far in the unit on radicals. i enjoyed it. at times i was fustrating but i managed through. i came at lunch to ask mr K. for help and i understood the problems that i had trouble in. finally. i understand most of the things such as how to simplify √640 etc.
the most difficult questions that i had trouble in and is still having a little trouble in is questions that are simular to
³√27. the reason why i don't understand this sort of question is because some times it might be a √2 instead of a big number and i wouldn't be able to figure it out because i would need to use fractions which i don't understand the whole process with the fractions and radicals and rationals.
anyways i think this is all i need to talk about. (?) but good luck to everyone on the test.


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