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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Non-right triangles...

This was the best unit for me, so far. It was easy to understand and it had lots to do with familiar stuff we did in trigonometry. I'm very happy that we spent a long time working on trigonometry in grade nine. To be honest, it seemed hard at first, but as we worked more and more into it, it was simple and fun!

What I didn't like from this unit was typing it all into my calculator. It was easy using the formulas and showing the steps into how I got my answer. But once I started typing the numbers into the calculator, it got tiring. I should do more finger exercises. And I do have fat or clumsy fingers, so sometimes I tend to type in the wrong numbers, and that really throws my answer off.

I did enjoy this unit because I actually understood it, and it was a short one. I really like math when I start to understand it. Makes me feel like I achieved something. Yes, well what I hope is that the test won't be that hard and I really really really hate word problems. They annoy me! That's about it, so I'll see you guys tomorrow in math class. And may the force be with you! STAR WARS!


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