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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

my blog.

Well, this unit sure went by super fast. How long was this unit, three days or something? Next thing you know, the UNIT TEST IS TOMORROW! Anyways, though I failed my quiz, I'm sure that I'll do good on the test and so will everyone else because when you actually understand your mistakes, such as in the quiz you will see the light? bleh.
I have to admit that I did not fair well during the learning process on the first day but like always, you recover and start to understand what you do not (MR. Kuropatwa: Good math is when you don't know what to do but you find a way out). I probably got the wording messed up but you guys understand what I'm trying to say he said?
Well, I'll just wish you all goodluck on the test tomorrow :P.


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