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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

T5 WebLog

Hi, I'll just cut right into this blog. This unit, as like the others, has gone by fairly quick and as you all know, our test #5 is coming up tomorrow! I'm supremely tired from basketball try outs so please bare with me if I'm sounding like.. omg, just forgot the word I was about to say. Nonetheless, this unit was majorly on geometry as the unit title suggests. We learned about properties, ratios, proving theories etc.

The muddiest point that I have during all this immense learning is the ratio stuff, which I am starting to understand more thoroughly (hopefully by tomorrow) and proving if something is really what it seems. The problem with the proving part that I'm sure many of you might have is where to start and from there, where to go. I will be trying my hardest to get that straight because I want to do super great of this test.

Shapes, Shapes, and Shapes.. You must remember the properties. I find that, that is one of the key things to this unit. Well that's in my opinion.

I hope that you all fair well on the upcoming test #5 geo tomorrow! Think I'm going to lie down.


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