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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

blogg before testtt =)

hi my name is wendy. i'm blogging before the test. i'm sort of nervious for the test tomorrow. i believe that this unit was sort of confusing. the problems i had on this unit was mostly word problems such as " the area of figure F is 30 cm². its dimesions are multiplied by a scale facter k to form a new figure with volume 270 cm³. what is the value of k?" this is the sort of questions that i have trouble on and is still trying to figure out how to get the answer and how to solve it. i mostly know how to get the volume of beach balls etc, because i memorize the formula and how to figure out the answer step by step. i am still haveing some difficulties on parallelograms and certain things. i know that this blog of mine is short but i'll try and make my other blog longer. i hope everyone do good on the test tomorrow... EXPECIALLY YOU!!! MR! WHO I SAID LAST COUPLE CLASSES AGO ASKING YOU WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH THING TO YOUR SELF" ... you know who im talking about =p bye bye now. and hopefully, you bring a lucky charm ... Lol =p


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