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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today's class we wrote in our dictionary. Here are the notes just incase anyone wasn't in class:


Any function of x can be expressed by using the variable x and y.
Example: y= 2x - 3
y is a function of x

This allows us to generate a table of values for any function
Example: x-2-1 0 12

We can determine a specific output for any input.
Example: Find y when x is 7
y=2(7) - 3
-->There is a point on the graph of this function(7,11)
Using the function notation, f(x), we do exactly the same thing, but we are able to express the connection between the input and the output mor explicitly.
Example: Find f(7)
f(7) = 2(7) - 3
= 14 - 3
= 11
-->We also know there is a point on the graph at(7,11), but it is expressed much more explicitly.

All the following are essentially the same.
an equation y=2x - 3
a function f(x)=2x - 3
a mapping f:x-->2x - 3

Function notation, f(x), is used exclusively for functions. You cannot use function notation for Relations.
Relations are expressed either as equations or mapping.
Functions can be expressed in all three ways.

If you need help on how to solve functions and relations problems check A.Z.'s scribe post.
Homework exercise, exercise 49. Tommorow's scribe will be ----------------------------------------------------------------> Janet


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