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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blog - Solving Rational Equations

Alas the time has come when we must post our pre test weblog. This unit like all the units we've went through has sure come and gone by fairly quickly. It seemed like we learned a lot of new things in this unit but clarified by Mr. K, he says that we are only utilizing old lessons to solve more complicated equations.

This unit is solving rational equations. I must admit that I had some misunderstandings in the beginning of this unit. I had problems with multiplying a set of number by one to convert them into numbers with common denominators. Of course I did the right thing to do and went to Mr. K with my concerns immediately and cleared up a tangled mess.
Another thing that I am having quite some trouble with is probably the latest thing we learned in the unit? (the stuff where we find missing values given distance, time or rate of travel etc). I guess that all we can do is practice, look over notes and hopefully overcome our obstacles.

With our lucky day off in the middle of the week, I do hope that you guys go through those practice quizzes in hopes of doing great of the unit test on Friday. That's all folks!


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