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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blogging for Test!

Well it's time for another test, and with another test is another reflective blog. Well this unit was functions and I'm apprehensive to say that it wasn't to bad. I don't want to regret saying that tomorrow. When you first look at it and it's very intimidating, but really the closer you look you can see that it's really a linear equation. Just instead of having a y you have f(x). Then it was time to substitute the numbers in for x which also wasn't too bad. Being taught the domain and range was a little tricky because first you have to remember which is which (domain=x, range=y). Also the concept of it going on forever or infinity. Once you understand the basics everything else comes more easily. I hope that the confidence I feel now is reflected on the test. I wish everyone goodluck tomorrow and study hard!!!=)


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