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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bloging on bloging

I don't really have anything to said about this unit because this unit is half easy half hard. The hard part about this unit is the ratio because for all my year of math, everytime the class start this "ratio" we only take like 1 , 2 class of time of doing this so I don't really know about ratio because I can't really read ratio and what is different from faction like 1:2 and 1/2.
The easy part about this unit is the paralellograms because once I know the properties of each paralellograms then I will know all the questions because they all kind of ask for the same thing but in a different way. And the part of this unit where we find surface area and the volume of a sphere was also easy because i learn this at the begainning of the school year in science.


At 11/23/2005 9:18 PM, Blogger Jan Hong said...

i post this at 9:17, why it said 8 something

At 11/23/2005 9:42 PM, Blogger Darren Kuropatwa said...

Because that's the time you started writing your post.


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