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Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Adventure Continues ...

Our adventures in blogging continue....

Watch for 3 new blogs going live February 3, 2006 ...

Monday, January 30, 2006

So Long ...

I'm so glad we've had this time together,

Just to have a laugh or learn some math,

Seems we've just got started and before you know it,

Comes the time we have to say, "So Long!"

So long everybody! Watch this space in February for pointers to new blogs for each of my classes.

Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu, and all those good bye things. ;-)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Message in a Podcast

We had our last class on Thursday and made a podcast to celebrate! We left ourselves a "pod capsule" in instead of a "time capsule."

Here is our Message in a Podcast (10 minutes, 31 seconds). Please leave any questions, concerns, complaints, compliments, confusions, uncertainties, anxieties or other inquiries in the comments to this post.

This isn't our last post yet -- I've got at least two more I want to get out before the end. ;-)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Punting Practice

Like sokoban the target is to push objects (in this case punt-discs or 'pucks') around a maze to cover various targets. In a punt maze however the pusher slides forward tilt-style until it hits an obstacle, and a puck that gets struck will be punted forward a matching distance.'

'Aim: Use the black cross as a pusher to 'punt' the yellow pucks onto the blue targets.
Movement: Use the arrow buttons provided to move the pusher (black cross). The pusher will run in a straight line until it hits a wall or a yellow puck. If it hits a puck the puck will be punted forward a matching distance.'

Are you ready to play?

(Thanks again to Think Again!)

Friday, January 20, 2006

Last unit test for the course

Its the last test... the semester went by so fast. Well the last unit is about sequence and series. It wasn't hard yet it wasn't easy for me, somewhere in the middle. The pre-test was okay... Anyways i want to say good luck to everyone and hope they all get 100% in the GO FOR THE GOLD!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Test Blog

Don't I Look Good!!!

By far, this was my favourite unit. It was short, easy and fun. This unit was not that difficult. Most of it was just applying the formula. I guess the most difficult thing was finding the sum of a sequence that was in negitive numbers.

Well, after this (final) test, there is only four class left before exams. This math class was one of the most upbeat class I have ever had, Mr. K especially. He really got into the material he was teaching. Anyways, good luck everyone on your test and Goal for Gold.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Last pre test post!

It's so sad, it's our last pre test blog. This class went by so fast and when I think about it, we learned so much in such a short time. At first I was really afraid of what's to come in advanced math. But I made new friends and all of them are smarty-pants! I'm intimidated by all of you. And thanks to the people that helped me when I needed it. It's seems more like a reflective blog of the whole semester then a pre test blog.

This unit didn't take very long and I enjoyed it. I actually understood almost everything, just some things I get mixed up with. I get answers wrong when I miss read things and not analyze the question properly or well. I also mess up when I rush things, sometimes I just got to slow it down and look over my work. I should get into the habit of looking over my work.

Everything was great, I liked the work we did in class. Sometimes it seems so easy in class, but once I get started on my homework, I don't understand like 20% of it. Later on when I talk to other people in our class, they help me out and I understand what I did wrong and where. The test is tomorrow, after the test comes our exam. We better review in class! Oh, and my muddiest muddiest point is..... The graphing unit. I need help there! Well, see you all tomorrow, and I hope you all do well on the test.