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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

final bloging

well i think that this unit has gone by pretty fast. what i think that most people had worked on is the "go for gold" assignment. well i see that alot of people in our grade are working together and working very hard on the "go for gold" assignment, which is a good thing. cause everyone in our class is going to get 100% am i right? or am i right? =)

i don't remember very much about the beginning of this unit but im pretty sure that i thought this unit was going to be tough. what i now think is that i think this unit was easy. thats only if i payed more attention. (tsk tsk on me) anyways, i would always be behind the class but somehow i would try and catch up. i think we'll all see how i do tomorrow on the final test. i still have some difficulties on the words and remembering the formulas but today i will write all the formulas down over and over again so i won't forget.


by the way. today in class... was great. i was so happy because of the talent show and then i got more happy because mr. k annouced that on friday we will get time to work on our "go for gold" and i was extremly hhappy and then everyone was laughing at me or laughing with me and i couldn't stop laughing and i started to cry because i was extremly happy. anyways this is it. GOOD LUCK. BYE BYE AND THIS IS THE ENDDD OF THE COURSE. HIP HIP HURRAYY!!! ... don't get all h appy now. we still have the exam to do. =p
p.s. i hope this colour blinds you LOL.... MUAHAHAHA yes yes im evil... t-sa... MADE ME =(


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