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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blogging on blogging 8:) yo!

Pre-Cal math? When I first come in to this class I thought I can take care of anything that the teacher give me and I was half right and half wrong. I' am right about I can take care of anything the teacher gives me but I' am also wrong about I can take care of anything the teacher give me, what I' am trying to say is that pre-cal math AP is really hard to me and I don’t really understand much at first so I wasn't really able to do my homework at the beginning but with my good teacher "Mr. K" helping me all this way, I finally understand this "Pre-cal math" for example on how he teaches me and the fellow student about learning this cool math, here is a little reflection on how we do class everyday:

Everyday in first thing when the fellow student come in to class, Mr. K will have some math questions on the whiteboard for us to do, usually it is like a fell question that we know and a fell question that we don’t know, he will give us like 10 minutes of time to do the questions and then he will show us and explain to us on how to do the questions carefully and slowly to everyone in the class until we understand it…… ok so I lie, he do the questions carefully and making sure everyone understand it only but not slowly, he do it fast, the fastest teacher I know. After that we will correct our homework, and see if anyone have any questions about the home work and we will work it out and show the class, and after that we will give me home work.

Right now I love this class because this is really hard and I like hard works because this is the only way I can learn and I want to learn so I will have a good education in my future.

During all these class in math is all "cool" because that every time the teacher giving us hard work to do and that really need brain work finish it, the teacher will try to come up with a joke to tell the class so we are relax a bit.
I really like to the question (x+10)^2 because even if I like to learn but I still like to go with my life easy and this question is the easiest question I ever do in this class.

A couple day ago I came across a question on multiply question that I don’t understand how to do and the question is 4(2m+3n)(2m-3n), at first I try everything to get the answer but I just cant do it and because of this question I stay after school to ask the teachers help and explain it to me that this is really sample because it is just like 1+2+3 the answer is 6 and if I use 3+2+1 the answer will also be 6 or 3+1+2 it will still be 6 so this is the same with 4(2m+3n)(2m-3n), I can first use 4 x 2m, 4 x 3n then x 2m and x 3n. Or I can do (2m+3n)(2m-3n) and then x by 4 the answer will still be the same. So after I understand that I’ am really happy and I want to do more and more of the same problem and so I did because this I feel that every math problem I got it all in my hand and know it all.

What I have learn in this class is helpful to me on my science class because at the same time I am learning about measuring and I don’t really get it in this class but at the afternoon the math teacher talk about the same thing and then after he explain it to the class then I understand how to do measurement and go back to my science work.
After an hour of work I just find out I only need to do one or more characteristics and not all lol

Like what Mr. K said
“Jan Hong”
Remember “There is many ways to skin a cat” but don’t really skin a cat because it isn’t cool.


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