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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wow. Last Blog Post. Didn't even realize it.

Well, this is the last post that i will have to do in this semester at least. What can I say? This unit had it's ups and downs. Near the beginning of this unit, I was really enjoying all the sequences, and patterns. The homework was pretty easy, and I seemed to be cruising right along. I don't remember specifically when the tables turned, but I know it was somewhere when we learned about the little boy with all the numbers, adding one to one hundred.The transition was hard for me, and I don't think I fully made it. Which is why I will be studying like mad tonight, to remember those formulas and what not.

I must say that I have really enjoyed working on Go for Gold for the most part. I was worried about it for a long time, but things changed today when I gave my assignment to mr.k to look over, and he said that the majority of them were right. I felt a lot better about that, and that gives me that little push that I needed to finish and pass this assignment. I think I'm going to be ok!

This whole course has definetly had it's ups and downs as well. Sometimes, I fly through the homework, and sometimes, it takes some more thought, and others, I have a hard time not getting frustrated, because it seems tso far beyond my reach. Many times I wanted to give up and drop out of the course, but I stuck to it. I may not pass thi course, or I may not pass by much, but I know that i am happy with the work I did, because I know I stuck it out, and tried my best. If I happen to fail, I am going to try the course again next semester hopefully, and I am going to have a head start on the learning that will be happening. So thanks to you Mr.K. For not helping me, but teaching me how to help myself, if that makes sense.I will take that with me to further courses, along with my math dictionary, of course, haha.

Well, thats about all for me. It's been a great semester, and I hope to have some classes with some of you in the years to come.

As Mr.K says,


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