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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First off I want to apologize for messing up this scribe stuff, I wasn’t really aware.

This is for Thursday, Friday and Monday.

Thursday: This class was kind of a free class to work on our “Go for Gold”. It was going to be our test day but Mr. K moved it to Friday so we would have more time to study. Even though our class was stressing, and louder than usual we all tried to help each other out with questions in our booklets.

Friday: We had our “Sequence and Series” Test, our last test of the course. It was also the last day to hand in our “Go for Gold”, Mr. K extended it to 3:30pm.

Monday: Mr. K handed out a practice exam to get us ready for ours on Monday. (Diyaa I think your wrong. It’s NOT tomorrow). Well the practice exam had questions we learned through out the year, I don’t think we have to hand it in but we should take advantage of it.

-We well be getting our last two test this Thursday and if your forgot to pick up your Go for Gold you can do that tomorrow or anytime soon.

Monday, January 30th , 2006
Starts 1:00pm
In the gym
*Pink paper
*Dictionary’s should be handed (we can pick it up one week later.)

Things to bring (some if you want to):
1+ pencils
Geometry Set

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At 1/24/2006 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the site dont work

At 1/24/2006 10:25 PM, Blogger Darren Kuropatwa said...

Yes it does. The P in percival shouldn't be capitalized:



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