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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Scribe Post

November 22, 2005


We started the class by talking about the differences of different quadrilaterals and a unique feautures of each one of them.Then Mr. K gave us a question regarding a quadrilateral in a cartesian plane and how we can solve it. We can solve it by using the distance formula and also the slope of it and by that we should know the characteristics of that quadrilateral and by that characteristic we should know that quadrilateral because as I've said every quadrilateral has a unique characteristic.

November 23, 2005

Mr. K started the class by telling us what's going on on our blog and how it's important to him and to ourselves but as he said it became also important to other people not only in Canada but in the whole world because different people is starting to appreciate our blog it's becoming more likely a textbook so he suggested for us to become editors or content consulatant, this will not help others but ourselves too because it can cause us additional marks. After that we begun our pre test and after about 15 minutes he grouped us and our group should help each other and we should come up with only one answer. After that he gave us additional review material for our test tommorow.

Next Scribe is Kristin_R!


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