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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Blogging and me

Tomorrow is our 5th test of the semester. I'm making it my goal not to fail this test as I actually remembered to study for this one!

Today we're readied ourselves for the upcoming test. The pre-tests were made up of almost everything we learned during this unit. From finding volumes and surface areas of spheres, to changing dimensions to predict new areas,volumes and surface areas. Also using the linear plain to get information off parallelograms,rectangles,rhombuses and squares.

But before the pre-tests, Mr K gave us information that is possibly the best thing we heard all year. Well besides the stuff hes teaching us... Anyways, he is giving us a chance to earn more bonus marks before tests. This will take affect on the next test. Depending on our test mark on the last test will deteremine how many bonus marks we could earn.

>90 - 1
89-80 - 2
79-70 - 3
69-60 - 4
59-50 - 5
49-40 - 6
39-30 - 7
29-20 - 8
19-10 - 9
9-0 - 10

To earn these bonus marks you have to look back into the archives and pick out scribe posts that are incorrect or missing important thoughts. There is another way to earn a bonus mark by giving a point for each letter of a word Mr K has up.

I leave you with the best thing I heard today and it was from Mr K!
"I don't give a dam about your marks, I only care if your learning."


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