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Friday, September 09, 2005

Seotmeber 9 / 2005

In class we were given some instructions about the blog program and were reminded about our assignment to do over the weekend. During class we were given a survey to determine what style of learning we prefer. The survey was called "Vark". While we filled out the survey Mr. K wrote some warm up questions on the board for us to solve. When we finished our survey we were given two other sheets to score our preferred learning style. When he was finished explaining the whole survey thingy he reminded us about the distribution law, reminded us what a "term" was and gave us a way to solve binomials using an area model. Than after he assigned us some exercise sheets to do for homework. Than we were dismissed. P.S. sorry I took so long to put this blog up. And .. the scribe for monday is ... the person who is 13th on the attendance list because 13 is an unlucky number so yah. Peace Out =D


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