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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sequences and Series! and my last post...:D


I can't believe that we actually finished the course today! It was kind of exciting when Mr. K wrote it on the board. (a whole S2 math in 6 months) It's new to me and or some of us in the class because we would finish the course in June. Wow! ok that's enough...

This post is my last post in the blog, I think; for the blogging mark. The unit was a start for the S2 course. At first it was a little bit confusing all these kind of Arithmetic, Geometric, Italian, and Fibonacci ones and more, but i got the hang of it when Mr. K explained about them.

Now that I am looking at my dictionary, I see that it wasn't as hard or confusing at some units in the course.

At the end, I enjoyed this unit.

I hope u guys do your best in exams and the assignment and stuff...




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