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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Last pre-test blog.. T-T

Woww, last unit, end of course, zip, zilch, nada - no more! Can we say achievement? Some of you can but I know I can't just yet ... I'm not even sure if I'm going to pass this course so I might have to re-take it next semester .. =(
Anyways, this unit was fun. Who doesn't like learning more in-depth about what they already learned in like ... say grade 4? You know, even numbers, odd numbers ... patterns. That sort of stuff. We've all done this sort of thing before, just this time we went deeper into what it's ALL about. Arithmetic sequences and series, recursive and implicit definitions, differences and how to find it, finding the "nth" term, geometric sequences, sum of numbers in series and so on .. Basically what we need to know are the formulas, and what I've counted is that there are four of them. So yes I think it would be wise to maybe be able to recall the formula without looking in your math dictionary.
Ending this semester is kind of sad ..but relieving, but sad still that this whole frenzy is over ..but then again I might have to repeat this course so it's not all that relieving. =(
I loved being in this class =D You guys made it fun! and easy enough that I merely skimmed the passing mark for first term . . . . .
Well, wish you guys much luck in the future and stay positive :) SAY HI IN THE HALLWAYS! ^^


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