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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Two more units you say? and then exam time?? :|

Oh boy, looks like only after two weeks we've come up to yet another unit test. Can' t do anything but get used to it, huh? I am not looking forward to this upcoming test. Nope nada nidoran ....... : (nidoran - pokemon? HAH) *cough..right. anyways ....

At the beginning of the unit I was doing pretty well.. and then all these more complicated questions came up in my face and I can't really get down the steps needed in order to solve the question correctly. I mean, we learn how to do some of them, but then when I go home and do homework, the questions are really different and you have to find another way and there's added steps to correctly solve it.

Pattern of math ..... could possibly be the most hated pattern in the MY world :P (Just kidding Mr. Kuropatwa. :D)

Algebraic fractions unit, or whatever it's called, has been like any other unit except the previous one. Previous unit (geometry) was pretty sweet, because I got a good mark on the test :) Which made me happy. I'm not so sure about this one though ..... *getting sad*. D`ahh well. Wish the best of luck to you guys and let knowledge be on your brain o_o


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