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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Reflective Post for this Unit!

This unit was pretty much all new stuff and the ones that we already knew about.
It covered start to functions and relations and explaining what is Domain and what does it do, which is find the x-coordinate and Range is the y-coordinate. Mr. K also told us what is a relation and give us examples about the differences between a function and a relation.
We then studied about function notation f(X) : is used exclusively for functions. You cannot use function notation for relations. Relations can be expressed as either equations {y=2x+3} or mappings {f:x--->2x-3}
Functions can be expressed in THREE ways: equations, mappings, and a funcion {f(x)=2x-3}
* the numbers are examples.

I hope you guys get a good mark ;)

see you!


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