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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Fun with Functions?

Wow, what can I say? Six weeks have gone by, and within those six weeks we've done three units, our third one to be rapped up tomorrow. Meaning every two weeks we've been getting a unit test. : Insane difference than that of last year, ain't it? (to those who went to jr. high)

I was pretty interested in this unit, functions and relations. It seems as though I can understand the things being asked, not 100%, but close enough. I think I really come to like this unit. Everytime we are soon to finish a unit, I try to think of what kind of questions would be asked, which mainly consists of those being asked in class, and I feel confidence that I can do it.

Just some prepping, and reminders to keep me from making unseen mistakes, and I'm up for it! In addition to my confidence level, I got an extra bonus mark! -- at least... that's what I think. Too bad E.I takes too much time. I could soo use those extra bonus marks.

*Quick re-cap of a function;
- A function is a relation(usually an equation) in which no two ordered pairs have the same x-coordinate when graphed. One way to tell if a graph is a function is the vertical line test, which says if it is possible for a vertical line to meet a graph more than once, the graph is not a function, therefore making it a relation.

Best wishes everyone!, and I know it may be a day or two early, but happy holidays/winter break as well :)


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