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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Test Blog

Wow for some reason this unit went a lot faster then I expected. I'm really not quite sure why, as if we're already in the second term and the end of November. But anyway, this unit was so-so for me I was pretty bummed considering my first term mark wasn't up to my standards unfortunately. I understand the whole "quadrilateral" thing on the most part, actually more then I expected to, as silly as it seemed writing that table out more then once seemed to help, just like Mr.K said it would. Something I seemed to have trouble with this unit is the is the whole scale factor thing, I still need to do some more looking over of it, and get into some further understanding of what I am being asked. I did however understand the volume and surface area formulas, how to use them and backwards as well:) I'm happy about that. Like someone else mentioned in their test post I tend to learn on my own pace and in different ways then others. Which is sometimes frustrating, but anyway we'll see how tomorrows test goes, hopefully it goes WAY better then my past tests.

Good luck everyone
- Brittany

Ps. I really like Mr.K's whole idea of the bonus mark thing (good job:))


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