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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

test #5

wow this is our 5th test already! this unit was really short i still remember the last time we wrote a test. lol well anyways this unit was a pretty good one, I could understand it more than all the other ones :D. hopefully the test won't be that hard. the pre-test we had today was pretty good. and I think the bonus mark thing is good too.

well about this unit it was all about quaderilaterals. and changing the size of things by using ratios.we also had to find the volume and surface area of things. I had to refresh my memory a little on the vocabulary with this unit......congruent, parallelogram, quaderilateral, perpendicular etc. I also learned some new words like bisect, alternate angles, spplementary.

well thats all I had to say about this unit. and good luck to everyone on the test tomorrow!


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