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Monday, November 21, 2005

Scribe for Monday’s class.

Today in class we mostly reviewed some of the types of Quadrilaterals. The majority of the time in class we worked on the two questions on the board.
The first question evolved finding the sides, and angles of a parallelogram. We first started out with only one angle, a side of the parallelogram, and also a diagonal that has been bisected. It was pretty easy to find out the other sides and angles when we got to use our properties chart.
The second question evolved a small graph to find out if the shape was a rectangle, rhombus, or a square. It was pretty easy to find which one it was by using the distance formula. Most of us knew it was a rhombus but at first I thought it was a square… -_- Yeah I know I forgot there wasn’t a 90’ angle.
Well that’s mostly all we did today. Our homework for tonight is Exercise 31 # 1-20. And the scribe for Tuesday is…Ian.


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