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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Radical Dude!!!

Next week we're having our radicals test and thus I must blog!
Well at first, I was sort of lost...the concept of radicals was brand-spankin' new to me and as Mr. K said, students hate learning it because of all the different manipulations you can have with the numbers. I really related to Mr. K's story about his son who thought his teacher was crazy because 5 can be represented as 1 + 4 or 2+3 or a bunch of other ways (like the square root of 25 for example..) ...not that I think Mr. K is crazy.
I really believe that in math, it's not about memorizing the mechanical function, it's really about knowing why something is a certain way...and that's yet another thing Mr K said!

After our first quiz, I was pretty discouraged because I didn't really notice any patterns that made me feel "the clouds part, or the fog lift from my mind" but then I noticed that just like addition is the inverse function of subtration and multiplication is to division, square roots are the opposite function of powers...in a way...and thinking about it that way really helped me out.
It's always great at the end of a unit when you can really feel comfortable with what you've been learning:)


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