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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Radical BLogG

In this unit we learned about radicals. We learned what an actuall radical was. We also learned about The Element of Reals. Mr. Kuropatwa than explained how squaring a number is very similar to rooting a number. For example if u take the square root of 16 it equals 4. Now if take the number 4 and square it, your answer will be 16. We than learned how to add and subtract radicals. Adding and Subtracting radicals are pretty strait forward and similar to adding and subtracting binomial. If we had an equation like 3x - 2x = x or x + 4y = x + 4y notice that u could only add or subtract a binomial if you have the same variables. The same goes for radicals. If we had 2 root 3 plus 5 root 3 the answer would be 7 root 3. If we had 3 root 2 - 2 root 5 the answer would not change because root 2 and root 5 are not the same. They could be portrayed as x and y. We than learned how about simplifing radicals, and writing radicals as an entire number with fractional exponents. If we had root 63 we could simplify it out to root 9 times root 7, which can than be completely solved as 3 because root 9 equals 3. When u simplify radicals the first multiple has to be a square root. If we had the cube root of 24, it could be written as the 24 to the power 1/3. If there is no number with the number inside the radical it counts as one if there is no number outside the root sign to tell if you are cubing or taking the forth root it counts as squaring or the number two. The number on the outside goes to the numerator and the number with the number goes with in the denominator. The test is today and I hope everyone does well now I got to get ready for school.


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