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Saturday, November 05, 2005



Atlast, my computer is operational just in time for the upcoming test next week. Radicals was sort of new to me, many ways just to right one number. In the beginning of this unit I was struggling with some of the concepts, but after I applied some time to figuring out I got some of them figured out. The class where we first started to learn radicals it was easy, until it got more technical, I've got lost. Our class learned that there are many various ways to write a number which I thought was cool! Expressing the number 5 had numerous possibilities, like √25 = 5 and 25/5 = 5!


At 11/06/2005 12:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um... would you mind trying to make the picture smaller? I'm afraid it's taking up space.. and a lot of space if I may add that.

At 11/06/2005 8:09 PM, Anonymous This guy said...

the pic is too big. take it out..

Iam not Jan.

At 11/07/2005 12:31 AM, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

I changed the size of the pic.

Folks, lets all try to post only those pics that are somehow related to what we're writing about; shall we?


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