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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Geometry .. it will always come back.

Hello :)
Doing all these "reflective posts" aka blog-post before test, are getting kind of boring .. so I was glad Mr. K wasn't expecting us to keep doing these for the rest of the semester and made up some new ideas on how to get our blog post, PLUS* extra bonus marks if possible ;)

Anyways! Yes .. let's see.. hmm. Geometry.. I think this unit is one that I like more better than others. I understand all those volume of spheres[4/3pir3] and surface area of spheres[4pir2] formulas, the "baseball theory"[how when you open up a baseball and it looks like 4 circles], quadrilaterals[trapezoids, //gms, etc] and whatnot.

Today I forgot how to find the radius given the volume, since I've only done that how many times?? Only once before? Bleh. Shattered my confidence lol. Stupid test review -_- Oh well, it has prepared me for my upcoming misery. hehe, jk :P

Tomorrow is the dreadful test where we must use all that we've learned, combined together to solve multiple questions. Hard, isn't it? Eh, not really. As long as you know the steps for solving the question, and how to use that step and solve that part of the question to move forward with it to find the final solution, *takes in deep breath* and so on...finally then I think you're on pretty good standing ground. Hopefully that's where I'm at. There are some questions in previous homework exercises that I did not know how to solve and I'm afraid that it will end up on the test.

I kind of like doing these reflective posts because it's makes me think of what I do know, which kind of cancels out all the things that I ungratefully don't know. T-T But yeah .... this unit has been pretty good. If you feel like your brain isn't going anywhere, drink Mountain Dew Energy ^_^ HAHA, cause I think it helped me to process things more better in one of the difficult classes we had :P Plus it made me super hyper which kind of made my day x)

Um, I can't say I'm fully satisfied with what I've learned, I just wish I had more in-depth and time to consume everything into my brain so it'll stay there .....but unfortunately our school runs under the semester system so that is most unlikely to happen with any course within the school. Oh well, just gotta give more effort into it for the next unit.

Good luck everyone! Give it your best shot.


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