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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Third and Tenth Grade Math

I have always loved math. Since I was in the first or second grade, math was always one of my favorite subjects. There were times, however, that I thought I would hate math. Those times were usually after learning something new that I didn't quite understand. Take third grade multiplication/division for example...
We had only begun learning long division and I hated it! I remember the frustration I felt because there was a fog that I couldn't quite see through to understand what exactly division was.
Well I recently felt that way this year with tenth grade linear equations, but just like in the third grade, I slowly but surely saw through the fog.
Math is a challenge, that's why I enjoy it....not because I feel like I'm particularly good at it [although I do like it even more when I feel really good at it. ;) ] When you finally understand the question you didn't get at first, or when you learn a new formula and know exactly when you should use it you get a great feeling of accomplishment and understanding. Math is like no other subject.
That's why I love math.


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