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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Scribe Postie:)

Hey everyone :)
First let me say I hope that you guys all have a wonderful weekend, especially after all that homework LOL. Yeah, those were some two crazy nights we had haha. *ahem* Anyways.

Today Mr. Kuropatwa was back with us, and we started the class with ... a story about the window blinds falling on people?? haha uhhh, no. We went over the cosine law. The formula, how you should use it when you aren't given a whole pair, and given SSS(side, side, side), or SAS(side angle side).
We also talked about the "a over sinA", "b over sinB", and "c over sinC", and how you could do it vice versa, as said by Mr. K, (sinA over a). Either way it doesn't matter, it's like "potaytoe" or "potatoh". :)

After that little review, chaotic homework overload that Mr. K was sorry about and won't do again lol, and his inquiry with Thang about how could you possibly be in his class WITHOUT a scientific calculator......
TAH-DAH!* we received a quiz on trigonometry. Me, being the stupid one, never had sohcahtoa cross my mind throughout the whole quiz -_- I think it was because of all the hours of sine and cosine law problems:( lol oh well, I know i wasn't the only one :).

The quiz consisted of about 5 questions I think. Whole thing was out of 19. *WAS FOR MARKS. Like any other quiz . . .
Some of the questions were to find angle D as I recall it, and the triangle diagram had something like bc = cd , and ae = ec = 4, with two right angle triangles and one 50 degree angle. "The question the next" [sound familiar? :)] was finding the length between two angles. Third question was finding angles of sin 0.5, cos something, and tan something. Last question was to find lengths of b and c using the law of cosine and sine. Then we switched our papers, and corrected it.

BIG REMINDER for ROUNDING your numbers*
the LENGTHS should be two decimal places and the ANGLES should be one decimal place.

Anyways! To end my post, I will announce the scribe for Monday which is ..... Ndrew, since he picked me last time :P and that homework for the weekend is Exercise 29, omitting #'s 9, 10, and 14-18. Also to finish those math sheets we received over the past two days if you have not completed it.

So, with that said.. comes the end of my post :D Let me remind you and take the privilege of being the first person to be a scribe twice. -_- lol. (both times it was for the weekend too hehe. ^_^) and bid you all farewell and enjoy your night's sleep! :D


At 10/20/2005 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your post Janet I love the part a bout being in pre cal without a scienific calulator lol


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