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Friday, October 28, 2005

scribe post

Today we started by doing some questions on the whiteboard that had to do with simplifying radicals and evaluating the questions if possible. Then we were given two questions that asked as to explain how to solve each question for example;Find the square root sum of the difference between 8 and -4 and the difference of -1 and 6. Most people would just start solving the question without even knowing what the question is really asking you to do. They don't pay attention and see that the key word is explain in the question. One way of explaining this question would be by saying that first you take 8 and subtract -4, which is 12
then take -1 away from 6 to give you -7
add the two diffrerences together which is 12+-7= 5
which equals the square root of 5
That's only one way of explaining this questions there are many other ways that I'm not going to write for you.

We finished are notes for are dictoinary that was a conitnuion of yesterday we put in the exponent, product, quotient,and the inverse laws along with the properties of radicals.
The last thing that we did was learn how to do was calulate any 2-digit number squared in are heads well I think that's what we learned I'm not sure. I know it had to do something with calulating numbers I'm pretty forgetful at times.
Well that's all that I have to say are homework is ex.22 and Monday's scribe is Marianne
Talk to you after.


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