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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

A reflective comment on my progress in the course.

So tomorrow we'll be having our unit test and I'm in a nervous wreck!

uum, okay not entirely. But I'm quite worried about how well I'm going to do on the test.

Throughout this unit I admit I have been struggling with absorbing all this information and getting it stuck in my head in a way that I could understand it, and have been utterly furious that I couldn't. At times I could understand things, but my brain would run slow like a turtle! and unable to click into `full throttle thinking mode`. It was as if my brain is in fog and all the information that was given to me was just a number and not a resource to figure out the answer.

I have yet to clear these hazy mists and therefore you can see how I am terribly shaken for the test. So, with that said, I am off to go and try to attempt and put all these jigsaw puzzle pieces together once and for all ^_^

... hopefully.

Good luck everyone! Get your thinking caps on :)


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