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Thursday, October 27, 2005


hi guys =)

Today the class started off with Mr.K handing back our analytic geometry test. Then we talked a little bit about exponents.
When two numbers with exponents are being multiplied and they have the same base you add the exponents.
When two numbers with exponents are being divided and they have the same base you subtract the exponents.
After revewing this with us he gave us a few questions on the whiteboard to work on.
We corrected them and talked about the last fe questions and seen how they're all the same just written in different ways.
Teachers love this because there are many ways to write one number. Students hate this because there are many ways to write one number.
After that being said Mr.K showed us how to re-write the same number in 3 ways.
8^2/3 = (8^1/3)^2= (3 square root 8)^2
8 2/3 = (8^2) ^1/3 = 3 square root 8^2
they're both the same, just written differently and at the end of it all they all equal 4.

n square root x^m = x m/2
just plug in the numbers =)

After that we wrote some stuff in our ditcionaries...

Sets of numbers
The Natural NUmbers: N(with double lines) = {1,2,3...}
The Whole NUmbers W (with double lines) = {0,1,2,3...}
The Integers Z or I (with a line through the middle) =[... -3,-2,-1, 0, 1, 2, 3...}
The Rational numbers (A.K.A. fractions) Q = { a/b; b (symbol goes here), a +b E(except I)}
The Irrational Numbers Q (with this little line above it) = Numbers that cannot be written as a Fractions ie. pi, square root2, square root7, etc.

and then we did not get to finish because the bell rang, finishing up tomorrow.

Well this is the end of my scribe post. I hope I wrote this all correctly. Goodnights guys =)

anddd can't forget to choose the next scribe. I choosee ... hmmmmm Natasha! =) because she wants to be. She's such a egar student, gotta love it (Y)


At 10/27/2005 9:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good post steph! I like it


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