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Friday, October 07, 2005

Linear equations test coming up! What is my muddiest point?

Well, I'm feeling a lot more confident with this unit than I was with the last unit. I really am starting to understand all about slopes, linear equations, the distance formula, and the mid point formula. I think I need to work on point slope form a little bit more, but I am really good at doing y=mx+b. I don't think I will get amazing marks, but I'm pretty sure I will get at least average. I'm not confident enough not to study though, so I will be studying like mad this weekend. The classes have gone by really fast, and this unit seemed to go by really fast as well. Mr. K wasn't kidding when he told us that we work at a fast pace, but I really think that working fast is a good thing for us, because we learn how to budget our time, and use our class time/homework time wisely. I really enjoy being in this class more so than any of my other classes, because being in an enriched class includes students that are alike you. We are all interested in challenge as far as the subject of math goes. We CHOSE this course, it wasn't mandatory, and because of that, we don't skip. We, as students, aren't here to slack off, but to work. I really enjoy it in this class, and I continue to meet awesome people, and create bonds with them based on a subject that we both seem to be interested in. This is an awesome way to learn, and be social at the same time. Let's continue to have a great year!


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