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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm the scribe today

Sorry I took so long.The first thing that we did today was correct the worksheet from yesterday. Then we learned about the cosine law the sub teacher said no matter what question you get you never use the ''cosine law'' more than once in the same question. The ''cosine law '' is used when you only two sides and an angle or when you know the sides of the triangle. The formula for the cosine law is a squared = b squared+ c squared- 2bc cosA or b squared = a squared + c squared- 2ac cosB It depends on the letters that your given. An example: Triangle DEF with d=9, e=16,f=21 Find angle F
f squared= e squared+ d squared-2ed cosF
21 squared=16squared+ 9 squared-2(16)(9) cosF
21 squared-16 squared-9 squared=-2(16)(9)cosF
(21 squared-16 squared-9 squared) = -2(16)(9)cosF
divided by -2(16)(9) divided by -2(16)(9)
=441-81-256 = cosF
divided by -2(16)(9)
= -0.3611=cosF
arc cos
angleF=111 degrees
Then you find the other angles by using the sine law well that's the cosine law.
The home work for to night is ex.25(omit 8,11-15) and the two worksheets that we got both sides.
And the scribe for tomorrow is Janet hurray:)


At 10/19/2005 6:59 PM, Blogger janet said...

:o you are mean . lol


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