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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Friday scribe!!!!!

we work in the library and mr. k asked us to do exercise 18 because he can't discuss the lesson because their is no white board here is one of the problem in exercise 18:

problem 16

Point P is on the ground 25m from a tall building. Qis a window 10m below the top of the building. From P, the angle of elevation to Q is 30 degrees. What would be the angle of elevation to the top of the building?

-distance from the ground to the window(X)

tan 30 = X / 25

X = 25 tan 30

X =14.43m

-angle of elevation to the top of the building(P)

tan P = (14.43+10) / 25

P = (24.43 / 25) tan^ -1

P = 44.3 degrees

monday's scribe is rus-L, goodluck

sorry for posting my post sooo late


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