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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


In this unit it was very confusing for me; I’m still trying to figure out which formula to use like slope-intercept form, point-slope form, and general form. I’m getting it down; this is how long it took me to pick out SOH CAH TOA. Mr. K went over it with us today which makes me feel much better.

The most thing I enjoyed about this unit was turning an question like “The line passes through (-5,1), slope = 5” into slope-intercept form. I thought that was so fun. The part I fell out of place was when we started to talk about perpendicular lines; I don’t know why I get so confused.

Over all this entire unit was a enjoyable experience and I know we have to carry what we learned to the next level. So… bye for now! GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK! , innless your done, then your just lucky. =D



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