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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Today's Lecture

Today's lecture : Was somewhat confusing to an extent. The problems were some what complexed. Some questions were also a nuisance. After going through it, the concepts that were taught looks simple yet challenging still.

Using the long division concepts that were taught, part of the class was still turdy. The teacher introduced a new concept of adding a 0 with a letter and an exponent for a place holder to do long division. In order to find the answer, this method had to be used.

Their was a division question written on the board that ask to find out what the numerical value of the question mark is and tells you to put the answer in either way.

" P/D = Q+R/D or P=Q*D+R "

Other questions included were:

(3x^3-7x+2x^2+8) / (X+2)

(6X^3-2X^2+7X-11) / (3X-2)

Their was this basic question asking for the length of a triangle:

"Find the length of a triangle if the area is (x^2+5x+6)m^2 and the width is (x+2)m."

Last but not least:

(b^4-16) / (b+2)

Time did elapse fast, the class didn't have a chance to open their notebooks which was designated to be a math dictionary. The professor states that the class will be doing some writing in our math dictionary the next upcomming math session.

Last words: HAHA! Your next. ^-^
Tomorrow's scribe is Janet.


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