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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Thou Shall BLOG!

Well, pre cal math started to get tougher, making progress was getting harder and harder. New concepts where taught, some very confusing some pretty easy. So far in school I haven't exactly pinned down time manangement but slowly im getting there. Slowly i'm understanding most of the concepts but not right away.

At the beginning I thought it was easy, but then again, the was probally a review from earlier grades and it was bound to get tougher.

At first homework was going pretty smooth until new concepts that where taught, then the progress started to decline and I found myself in a situation where I couldn't concentrate because of the difficult concepts. But now thanks to some fellow peers I get more of it then before.

So far this class is really challenging, but a good challenge is good.

Something I learned that I really like was how synthetic division was used, I learned some part of it, but still dont fully understand.

Some math concepts do relate to Science concepts that we are learning right now, like we are doing measuring in science and some measuring in math.

Also for AP science students we will be having a science test 1st period =/.

I wish everyone luck, but I can't say so for myself. lol.


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