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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sorry that it took me long to put this up, but here it is.

Today in class we learnt something new which was dependant variables And Independent Variable, also about slopes/rise over run/rate of change.

When I walked in class everyone was working on the questions on the board. DUH! There are always questions on the white board when we walk in, it never ends! Okay back on subject. The first questions involved finding which one would be the dependant and Independent variable.

One of the questions: A sunflower seed is planted; consider the relation between time and the height of the plant.

Time = Independent
Height = Dependant

Slope Formula =

The second one was about otters and fish and finding out how to put it down in a table of values, in a graph, and in an equation.

The third one was about a girl who had an over due book, we needed to find which was dependent and independent, the table of values, draw a graph, and write an equation.

In the middle of the class we finally got our test back!! =/ and if you didn’t do to good, like me then its okay because as Mr. K said there might have been one small thing you messed up on. Also there are many other tests we can improve on. =D

today would be Exercise 7: Slope #1-20.

OHH yeah I totally forgot the next scribe isssssssssss…….. Kristin_R good luck!


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